White leather and patent ankle boots

354.17 €


  • Chrome Free Leather
  • Leather Sole
  • Leather Lining


4 cm Heel


Made in Italy

Shoe Care

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The Estime first appeared in Carel’s collections in 2011. It was the first shoe made by the new design team that took over the creative reins in 2010. 
Its small heel and square toe recall the 1960s and make this shoe a beloved statement piece. The Estime has been worn by Alexa Chung, Louise Follain, and the singer Christine and the Queens. The Estime has given rise to collaborations with brands like J. Crew and Etienne Deroeux.

Its Cuban heel measures 4 cm. 
Artisanally crafted in Italy. This shoe comes in smooth leather, velvet and patent leather.

For a higher version, have a look at the Malaga model !

Size Advice Size chart

Taking care of your leather shoes is essential so that they retain their full shine:

- Remove impurities that have slipped into the leather of your shoes with a cloth or a brush.

- Apply a nourishing cream with a slightly lighter colour to preserve the original colour (to accentuate the colour, take a darker colour).

- Using small circular strokes, spread the product over the surface with a soft cloth.

- Let it dry in the open air for a while. Once dry, brush them.

- Spread the necessary amount for the entire shoe directly on a cloth and then massage the leather in a circular and light way: by wetting the cloth with some water you will obtain a glazing effect of the waxing.

- Let dry and rub with a soft cloth.

Carel’s Advice

Waxing is to be used alternately with the nourishing cream: after 3 or 4 consecutive waxings, use the cream the next time.

For thin feet, we advise you to take a half size less. If you are a 37 FR / EU, a 36.5 will suit you. For a wider foot, then a 37 will suit you as well.

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Size chart CAREL

Foot lengths in CM Sizes
21.7 cm 34 2 3 33
22 cm 34.5 2.5 3.5 33.5
22.4 cm 35 2.5 4 34
22.7 cm 35.5 3 4.5 34.5
23 cm 36 3.5 5 35
23.4 cm 36.5 4 5.5 35.5
23.7 cm 37 4 5.5 35.5
24 cm 37.5 4.5 6 36.5
24.4 cm 38 5 6.5 37
24.7 cm 38.5 5.5 7 37.5
25 cm 39 5.5 7.5 38
25.4 cm 39.5 6 7.5 38.5
25.7 cm 40 6.5 8 39
26 cm 40.5 7 8.5 39.5
26.4 cm 41 7.5 9 40
26.7 cm 41.5 7.5 9.5 40.5
27 cm 42 8 9.5 41

Which size should I choose?

Our tip:

When wearing a sock, place your foot against a wall on a sheet of paper long enough to keep your foot from sticking out.
Be sure to keep your heel firmly against the wall and your foot flat.
Make a small mark in front of your longest toe.
And finally measure the distance between the end of your sheet to the mark.
If the length is between two sizes, round up to the biggest one.