L'atelier Carel



Since 1952, Carel has been committed to offer you the highest quality leather. Like a second skin, it has been providing you with comfortable and soft footwear for over 70 years.


We work in close collaboration with several workshops, mainly in Italy, Spain, Portugal and also in France.

By combining the best savoir-faire of each of them, we offer you shoes of the highest quality.


Each workshop having its own manufacturing expertise, the sizes may vary according to the designs : a real proof of a handmade production.

A true story of craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations.


Discover our recommendations to keep your shoes for life !




Discover our care advice for our patent leather shoes
Our patent leather shoes are already waterproof treated. Patent leather is a material that requires regular maintenance :
Place raw wooden shoe trees, ideally made of beech wood in your shoes to absorb moisture.
Keep them away from dust and any source of heat, storaged in a furniture or a shoe box.
Clean, moisturize and polish them once/twice a month (leather cream is forbidden).


Do not expose them to heat sources such as hair dryers or radiators; the leather may crack.


Discover our care advice for suede leather shoes
The velvet leather texture is soft and velvety. This type of leather requires regular maintenance to maintain its original appearance.
Brush the shoe in the direction of the fibres with a crepe brush.
If stains appear, rub them with a nubuck eraser.


There are also special mild suede shampoos in the form of a washing emulsion and renovating sprays to restore colour from the first application.


Taking care of your leather shoes is essential so that they retain their full shine
 Remove impurities that have slipped into the leather of your shoes with a cloth or a brush.
Apply a nourishing cream with a slightly lighter colour to preserve the original colour (to accentuate the colour, take a darker colour).
Using small circular strokes, spread the product over the surface with a soft cloth.
Let dry and rub with a soft cloth.


Waxing is to be used alternately with the nourishing cream: after 3 or 4 consecutive waxings, use the cream the next time.
Once or twice a year, apply a waterproof spray, or more, if the season is particularly rainy.


Like any product, your Appleskin item needs special care. Treat it with love. For optimal maintenance, we recommend that you regularly :
Clean it thoroughly with a damp cloth and warm soapy water. If it is stained, you can rinse it with warm water, but do not soak it completely in water as this could damage it.
Let it dry naturally before applying the wax. Do not use a hair dryer or other heat appliances as this may dry out the textile.
Apply a light coat of colourless wax with a soft, dry cloth and rub in gently in circular motions until fully absorbed. Use only a small amount of wax to ensure that it penetrates thoroughly. Waxing is not only for protection, but also to give the textile a nice patina.
After application, allow to dry naturally for 24 hours.
If desired, polish gently with a dry cloth or a soft brush.