Our Commitments


Today, Carel places sustainable development at the heart of its priorities: a new way of transmitting its savoir-faire of 70 years.


This is illustrated by a responsible and fair production : veggie creations, in alternative materials to leather and recycled or upcycled leather from existing leather scraps.


Carel continues to innovate and launched CAREL CARES line in 2020, a collection of shoes designed by our creative team in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our Commitments



Since 1952, we have been committed to creating locally produced items of the highest possible quality.

We select each of our workshops for their specialty and their savoir-faire and we maintain long-lasting partnerships.

In Milan, our iconic models and especially our KINA, with its 3 straps, are handcrafted in limited series.

In Alicante, we collaborate with a workshop that uses eco-friendly materials and is specialized in braided fabrics.

In the Basque country, we have designed espadrilles 100% made in France and produced from organic linen.


Since 2020, we have been developing designs in alternative and more eco-friendly materials such as piñatex and appleskin.
These vegetable leathers, made respectively from Philippine's pineapple and apple fibers, offer us an infinite possibility of innovation.
We also produce very limited upcycled series from leather scraps that we recover from well-known brands.
Carel also produces shoes that are 100% sourced in France and made of natural organic linen.



Our team carefully selects leathers from the best European tanneries.

We make our choices by paying particular attention to the manufacturing process and also by selecting leathers with the LWG label, for a maximum respect for the material and the environment.



Because we aim to limit waste, we recover the remains of the productions and other dormant leathers from the workshops, in order to give them a new life in the form of very limited series.

That's what upcycling is all about : revaluing a product that was destined to be thrown away. That's the reason why this summer we are once again partnering with Adapta, a company that unearths dormant stocks of luxury brands and delivers them to us with all the necessary information for their traceability.

In this way, we propose our customers limited editions series, made from premium quality leathers.




Breeding, tanning, pollution... So many words that raise questions when it comes to producing and manufacturing leather.

In the light of today's ethical and environmental awareness, we are committed to bringing to the market products made from alternative materials.Piñatex® is one of them.

This sustainable material is derived from the cellular fiber extracted from pineapple leaves with, of course, a result that is worthy of Carel's quality.



Among our collections, there are shoes made without leather, with an orientation towards glitter for this season. These shoes are developed in Spain in partnership with our workshop, which also developed a vegan sole.

For the creation of this sole, our workshop changed all the products derived from animal origin for counterparts of vegetable origin. This led them to obtain the certificate of vegan products from the INESCOP.



Inspired by the spirit of our New Summer Collection, "Under the sea", our designers had the idea to have a look at the sea leather. Although the scales are removed by the tannery at the beginning of the material treatment process, they leave a pretty animal pattern printed on the leather.

Beyond the aesthetics, this leather elaborated with salmon skins from the food industry also originates from France, and is naturally resistant : it's a win-win.



Our team carefully selects leathers from the best European tanneries.

We also propose products in Appleskin®, an innovative material made of 25% apple pulp from the food industry. The Kina Appleskin also exists in a Kid version. Created in collaboration with Pom d'Api, a reference in children's shoes, it respects the child's morphology. Its 1,5 cm heel and its 3 straps ensure a good support for the foot, without forgetting the small elastics which are integrated to easily put it on.



This year, Carel reinforces its commitment to a more responsible fashion and launches its tote bag and its shoe bag 100% made in France. To guarantee a complete commitment to quality, we have chosen a French partner, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, which practices traditional Jacquard weaving.

These products are woven from recycled linen and cotton fibers from old bags and can be used and reused on a daily basis instead of single-use packages.

This season, Carel will continue its partnership with a traditional workshop in the Basque Country to create a collection of espadrilles.



We like to share and collaborate with associations to develop our projects.
In September 2021, we created the "Gym Bags" - canvas bags - in partnership with a social and solidarity economy association, offering an eco-friendly alternative to the textile industry. This association welcomes unemployed people, to enable them to work on their professional project and to give them the possibility to access a job or a training.
These bags, made in their workshop, are available in ultra-limited series. Indeed, the fabrics used and produced in Paris, come from the dormant stocks of fabrics of luxury houses.




In March 2020, Carel wanted to get involved with the Secours Populaire Français for women in rehabilitation.
Always committed to supporting women, Carel has donated more than 200 pairs of shoes to this association in order to give these woman a helping hand.




The "SCOOBIDOU" bags are handmade by Indian widows, who are part of a social micro-industry fighting against women isolation in India.

Made from 100% recycled plastic fibers, it takes two days of work to make one bag.

We are happy to be a part of this sustainable partnership, contributing to offer a stable salary to the Indian women confectors.

And this is even more important in a time when the fight against isolation and social exclusion is getting more and more crucial.


All our production is carried out in responsible quantities and is 100% European. This flexible operation allows us to limit overproduction and to optimize our resources.

Concerning the delivery of our collections, we choose road transport to our warehouse located in Paris, in order to limit our carbon footprint.

The proximity and the trustful relationship with our partner factories allows us to opt for these choices.


At Carel, we are driven by the ambition to go further and to innovate.
Our dynamic is to fully integrate eco-friendly practices into our creative process.
Engaging our teams, our partners and our customers to continue to make the Carel house : our house, your house. 
A house driven by two fundamental values : the proximity and the valorisation of local craftsmanship.
We thank you for your loyalty and your commitment for 70 years!