Our Commitments

Once upon a time in 2020, a sustainable development manager was designated, in order to rally every department around the environnemental issues.

Collection, logistic, packaging,... everything is made to improve the way we conceive our collections.

The #CarelCares collection offers shoes and handbags reflecting our values : sustainability and responsibility through the generations.

Among our traditional leather goods, you'll find products that are eco-friendly, eco-sourced, mixing shoes and handbags made from alternative materials, very limited editions made from upcycled leather, 100% made in France.

Discover our 2023 Sustainability report.

Our Commitments



Since 1952, we have been committed to creating locally produced items of the highest possible quality.

In Milan, our iconic models and especially our KINA, with its 3 straps, are handcrafted in limited series.

In Alicante, we collaborate with a workshop that uses eco-friendly materials and is specialized in braided fabrics.

In the Basque country, we have designed espadrilles 100% made in France and produced from organic linen.


Our whole production is 100% handcrafted in Europe and in responsible quantities.

Imagined and drawn in Paris, created in Europe.

This flexible way of thinking allows us to avoid over-producing and to optimize our ressources.

About shipment: in order to reduce our carbon footprint, we chose land transportation all the way to our Parisian warehouse.

All of this is permitted thanks to the closure and trust between us and our transportation factories.



Because we aim to limit waste, we recover the remains of the productions and other dormant leathers from the workshops, in order to give them a new life in the form of very limited series.

That's what upcycling is all about : revaluing a product that was destined to be thrown away. That's the reason why this summer we are once again partnering with Parisian showrooms that unearths dormant stocks of luxury brands and delivers them to us with all the necessary information for their traceability.

In this way, we propose our customers limited editions series, made from premium quality leathers.


We also offer shoes made of Appleskin®, an innovative material made of apple pulp upcycled from the food industry (25%).

With it's smooth texture reminding of a traditional nappa, it's the perfect alternative for a range of leather free bags and shoes !


Breeding, tanning, pollution... So many words that raise a concern for us when it comes to producing and manufacturing leather. Considering today's ethical and environmental awareness, we are committed towards bringing to the market products made from alternative materials.

Pinatex is one of them. This sustainable material, composed of 72% PALF (pineapple leaf fiber), 18% PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) and 10% PU (Polyurethane), is derived from the cellular fiber extracted from pineapple leaves with a result worthy of Carel quality.


We are committed to strengthening our dedication to more responsible fashion.

In order to reduce our CO2 emissions and to promote French savoir-faire, we are developing partnerships with craftsmen and companies of the Living Heritage.

We have created a tote bag 100% made in France with a partner who practices traditional traditional Jacquard weaving. They are woven from organic linen fibers or recycled cotton fibers. Since 2020, our espadrilles are made in a traditional workshop based in the Basque Country.



The "SCOOBIDOU" bags are handmade by Indian widows, who are part of a social micro-industry fighting against women isolation in India.

Made from 100% recycled plastic fibers, it takes two days of work to make one bag.

We are happy to be a part of this sustainable partnership, contributing to offer a stable salary to the Indian women confectors.



First in mars 2020 then in December 2021, Carel wished to engage with the French social welfare to help rehabilitating women.

Always supporting women, Carel gifted more than 600 pairs of shoes to the organization in order to help women.


At Carel, we are driven by the ambition to go further and to innovate.
Our dynamic is to fully integrate eco-friendly practices into our creative process.
Engaging our teams, our partners and our customers to continue to make the Carel house : our house, your house. 
A house driven by two fundamental values : the closure and the valorisation of local craftsmanship.
We thank you for your loyalty and your commitment since 70 years!



In November 2022, Carel was a sponsor for the united runaway show that was organized by the Yakoborina collective at La Caserne, the most effective eco-friendly transition booster in Europe's fashion and luxury intudtries ! We are really proud to have supported many fashion houses in this process !

In 2023, Carel goes one step further by choosing GOOD ACT to create plant cards.

Designed to reduce our environmental impact, this card is 100% biodegradable. Once planted in a garden or flowerpot, you'll have a mix of flowers all year round. 
A lovely way to say thank you for your loyalty.