Pink bag with orange logo C

295 €
Pink Leather & Orange Logo C

Colors : Pink Leather & Orange Logo C (3 other colors)

Did you know? Pop art + Sorbonne + Beetle = Bubble !

This round pop bag was directly inspired by our archives from the 60s, when it was carried by the handle. Its new design opens the field of possibilities. You can still carry it by the handle, but also as a cross-body or even on your belt thanks to the loop added to its back!

Whether you prefer to see the bubble of pop art comics, the bubble of chewing gum on the lips of Sorbonne students or an acidic bubble inspired by the Beetle, also known as the "soap box", which used to roam the streets of Paris, one thing is certain: the Bubble offers you a single ticket back to the 60s!

Material :


Details :

  • C Logo
  • Zipper
  • Diameter 18 cm
  • 6 cm deep

Fabrication :

Made in Italy

Taking care of your leather goods :

- Remove impurities that have slipped in the leather with a cloth or a brush.

- Apply a nourishing cream with a slightly lighter colour to preserve the original colour (to accentuate the colour, take a darker colour).

- Using small circular strokes, spread the product over the surface with a soft cloth.

- Let it dry in the open air for a while. Once dry, brush them.

- Spread the necessary amount for the entire shoe directly on a cloth and then massage the leather in a circular and light way: by wetting the cloth with some water you will obtain a glazing effect of the waxing.

- Let dry and rub with a soft cloth.

Carel’s Advice

Waxing is to be used alternately with the nourishing cream: after 3 or 4 consecutive waxings, use the cream the next time.

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