Carel x MEDUSE

Once again this year, Carel and the French family-owned company Méduse have joined forces to create your favorite responsible, quality sandals.

This collaboration has resulted in 4 variations of Méduse's emblematic sandal, grafted with a "CAREL" on the back.

Carel x MEDUSE

This summer, we've decided to offer the model in 4 colors to give you even more possibilities for your look.

Our jellyfish has been designed in red or yellow with Carel logo pins, as well as in denim blue and transparent glitter. With so much choice, you can sport the trendiest, most comfortable and practical summer looks possible.

Like all Méduse products historically Made in France, these shoes are made in western France from 100% recyclable phthalate-free plastic. The brand complies with the strictest European standards in terms of pollution and harmlessness from production to store.

The perfect pair of sandals to take from the beach to the city.

For the occasion, we infiltrated the Méduse factories to take you behind the scenes. 

The entire process is handmade by French employees. 

Step by step, your sandals are molded, cut, trimmed, Carelised, packaged and delivered to you.