Carel x La Veste

To celebrate the arrival of summer, Carel teams up with La Veste for a colorful (and striped) collaboration! 

La Veste is a Spanish brand founded in 2018 by Maria de la Orden and Blanca Miro, bringing an air of freshness to the fashion landscape. like Carel, La Veste has a strong taste for color and a desire to create pieces that last. Made in Italy for Carel, and Made in Spain for La Veste, the two brands have joined forces between Barcelona and Paris to create a dazzling collaboration!


The result: a Kina, an Ariana, an Estime and a Bibi featuring La Veste's iconic stripes and colors and Carel's historic shoemaking qualities. Handmade in small quantities, you can now find them on the La Veste and Carel websites.

The Kina:

This is Carel's icon. Its subtly vintage style means you can wear it for any occasion and any season.

Elegant yet cheeky, it's the symbol of the coveted French touch!

Its 3 straps and trotter heel will take you from Saint Germain des Prés to the Barceloneta in total comfort.

The Ariana

A famous variation of the Kina, Ariana is the perfect balance between ballerina and height. 

Its pops of color will enhance your sun-kissed summer complexion and add THE final touch to your look.

The Estime

Freedommelancholy and brazenness, there's nothing like Estime to make you feel like a true Parisian

With her, you can't help but exude that charmingelegant air that's so Frenchy Frenchy

Revisited with the pop colors of La Veste, it will make all the difference to your outfit of the day!

The Bibi:

Bibi is one of Carel's flagship bags

Its rounded shape offers a more contemporary take on the authentic hatbox we all know. 

Worn Jackie Kennedy-style or Kelly Rutherford-style, it's up to you to choose your team!