Our iconics


Kina, the must-have

The iconic Kina comes in classic, pop, and pastel colors. Available in patent leather, matte leather, as well as in alternative materials, Kina spreads out before your eyes a wide palette of choices, allowing you to pick up your own style with the greatest freedom. A shoe with a timeless shape and let's not forget the 3 straps, which you could cross as you wish!

Its 4 cm heel and 100% made in Italy craftsmanship guarantee its comfort and durability for city-dwellers all around the world. They make the Kina a safe choice and it can be found everywhere in any season, even in Alexa Chung’s, Emma Roberts's, and Lucy Boynton's closets.



The Alice belongs to the family of “Mary Janes” and is inspired by Carel’s iconic shoe: the Kina. Alice has a 6cm heel and two straps on top for an effortlessly feminine look. Always handmade in our Italian workshops.


Caren, the audacious

Caren is our "new" iconic shoe that was born in 2020. Our latest addition, the squared toe and neckline mary jane, whose shape is inspired by a vintage model from the 1960s. Its heel, with its unique flared shape, gives stability, unbeatable comfort and style. A creation, symbol of the combination of elegance and audacity, designed by our stylists. Caren is a signature shoe model, with a vintage look that is resolutely feminine and assertive. Handcrafted in our Spanish workshops, Caren is available in multiple colors and materials (leather, patent leather and alternative materials).


ESTIME, The contemporary boots

Its Cuban heel measures 4 cm. Handcrafted in Italy, this model is available in smooth leather and patent leather. Estime appears for the first time in 2011 in Carel's collections. It is the first creation of the new design team that took over the reins of the collections in 2010. Its small heel and squared toe with a 60's resonance makes it noticeable and adored. Estime has been seen on the feet of Alexa Chung, Louise Follain, and the singer Christine & the Queens. Also, Estime has led to several collaborations with designers such as J-Crew or Etienne Deroeux.


Ariana, the low heel

The Ariana are mary janes based on our iconic Kina model. They have 2 cm heel and 3 straps which gives them a ballerina shape. Handmade in our Italian workshop, they are available in several colors and materials.


Peche, the slingback

The Pêche is inspired by the Kina, Carel’s iconic Mary Jane.
The Pêche features a short 2-cm heel and two upper straps, which can be crisscrossed. These open heel Mary Janes go perfectly with jeans or a skirt.