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Discover the models, Kina and Estime which perfectly embody the spirit and style of the Carel collections.

Successful babies 

Kina and Kana will be drawn the same year following a meeting with a journalist ELLE who advises the creative studio to bring out a "babies".

Emilie Carel, in charge of the studio of creation decides to take again an old Carel's iconic model, the "Madelon". She works with the Italian workshops to modernize the form and improve the vintage model and in September 2013, the Kina finally sees the day. In its beginnings it is marketed in classic and pastel colors, then the success helping it will be soon in all the possible declensions.

Les iconiques


The Model

Kina from Carel is a "Mary Jane". We can also call this type of model "Charles IX" in reference to the king who wore it or "babies".Our Kina is a slim model, with three straps and a heel of 4 cm. 

It is handcrafted in the north of Italy.  

The particularity of Kina, beyond its finesse and elegance, is that it is "semi-dressed". It is this versatility that has made its success and that pleases women all over the world. 

Kina has resulted in several collaborations with creators such as Clara Cornet, Opening Ceremony, Jourden, Prelle and Ryan Lo. She was seen at the feet of Alexa Chung, Emily Ratajkowski, or singers, Angèle and Clara Luciani.