Orange leather bag

315 €


  • Chrome Free Leather
  • Organic Linen Lining


  • Shoulder strap length 110
  • With The First Vintage Carel Logo
  • H15 x L18


Made in Portugal

In 1952, Geoges Carel opened his first boutique, blv Saint Michel ... 3 steps from the oldest university in France. Students ( and their teachers ...) rush to adopt bags and shoes with varnish and colored leathers and always hyper pratical, flexible and lightweight.


The Sorbonne bag adopts the concept of the mini schoolbag and repeats the codes of these mythical objects, both beautiful and functional, crossing time and generations which we preciously maintain ( with a little beeswax and a small cloth) and which we always keep close to our hands and heart ... 

Adopt our mini Sorbonne Bag which has been redesigned for Carel's 70th anniversary ... and you will have the charm of Paris Rive Gauche on your shoulder. 

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