A history of transmission

Two is better than one

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In April 1952, Carel was born and we want to celebrate this year's anniversary with some great news ! Together, we share the values that you know so well and that we cherish : shoes and bags made to last and that are transmitted from mother to daughters, from sisters to sisters... A unique quality, entirely handmade.

For us, this bond is so very important (without wanting to sound sentimental). Since the beggining, we have chosen the happiness of our customers whatever their age is : the Kina Kids line is already at your daughter's feet. From 7 to 70 years old, there are shoes for everyone.

Share the history of Carel with our refer-a-friend program and get 40€ for you* and 40€ for your chosen one...! 

ATTENTION! Please note that the Carel Girls Club is very exclusive. You can only refer two people.
*this offer can be accumulated.If you refer two people, you can use your 2x40€ voucher no a minimum order of 300€

Two is better than one