For Valentine's Day 2023, the actress Kelly Rutherford and Carel Paris have designed a romantic glossy capsule collection.

Kelly and Carel, a love story that has just begun...

Find CAREL x KELLY designs in our Carel stores as well as at Bergdorf, Le Bon Marché rive gauche and 24S's website !


French charisma blends perfectly with New York City's sophistication. Kelly rethinks Carel's iconics with overstitched hearts.
She developed this collection with her daughter, as there is nothing stronger than a mother's love.

Kina, Estime, Mini Sorbonne and Bubble, when you love you don't count! The collection is declined in 6 infinitely cute and above all very feminine designs, which will delight the city girls all over the world! Bright glossy creations such as little red and white berlingots.

Melrose Place lovers or Gossip Girl fans, this capsule will wondefully match your day and evening looks. This limited edition is made in our Italian workshops