Sasha Spielberg and Carel...

The love story has been real for quite some time now! Known in the music industry as Buzzy Lee, the singer was often seen wearing Carel shoes, and especially one design: the iconic Mary-Janes shoes of the French house, the Kinas, her favorite.


It’s after we found out in a magazine a picture of Sasha Spielberg wearing elegantly our red Kinas that we had this revelation: a Kinas’ lover who wears them that greatly, we had to go further with her. This is how, our samples under the arms, we crossed the Atlantic that pulled us apart to meet her!

‘I fell in love wearing Kinas. I will get married in Kinas. I will make sure at my funeral, my feet are hanging out of the casket wearing Kinas.’

- Sasha Spielberg

This is also what leads us to this day : finally, we can proudly introduce you to our new limited Carel x Buzzy Lee capsule collection.

This collection revolves around the Kina, reimagined by Sasha Spielberg, and will be available in March 2022.

For the occasion, Buzzy Lee chose to make our shoes wear the colors of her Spoiled Love album’s cover. This is how, for the very first time, our Kinas are made of dark green velvet and light pink velvet. The three straps are also ornamented with platinum buckles.

When it’s about shooting the best collaboration photos, who would be better than Harry, her photographer fiancé?

Created for this very special collection, a golden embossed Buzzy Lee x Carel logo beams the shoes from the inside. And because we want to pay attention to every single detail, we worked on the whole packaging from the shoe box to the dust bag to match perfectly the universe of this inspiring singer.

Isn’t this the best opportunity to wander with a bit of the music world at your feet ?