70 years of creation

" Dear Mister Georges,


For 70 years, we have been celebrating women every day. It is our pleasure to make them feel confident and beautiful and we have always wanted them to live their daily lives at ease and with joy, even forgetting that they have shoes on their feet because the secret of our Italian manufacture makes them so supple. It's amazing how today, 40% of our collections are eco-friendly! 

For the first time, our celebrations go to a special man.

Today, on April 23rd, we pay tribute to our dearest founder Georges Carel, who is in excellent shape and health despite his age. It's also Saint Georges' day today in France and it is precisely in April 1952 that he had this excellent idea to found a small and colorful shoe shop in the Sorbonne area. Shoes that are today worn by Alexa Chung, Lily Collins, Clara Luciani, Mang Mao or Maisie Williams, from Shanghai to Paris, crossing through New York and London...

This small shop has become over time not only THE house of shoes and leather goods for students but also the brand of astonishingly cool French femininity.

We are preparing for you 7 highlights presented by 7 artists in order to celebrate together until the end of the year, a very special anniversary. We're really going to spoil you ...like we always do!!!


Thank you Mister Georges.


Long live!"

Frédérique Picard

Carel Paris President


70 years of creation


Spotted : bestsellers back in Paris 


To celebrate this anniversary with its historical colours, Carel is releasing 7 limited designs directly inspired by its archives from the 60’s to 2000’s.

Some of the iconic shoes are identically reproduced,  others are reinterpreted by the creative team. The collection of reeditions will gradually launch through the year 2022, so the pleasure will last longer!

What we have got planned for you : The pop colours that we love so much, patent leather obviously, this trick which is so characteristic of Carel, sprinkled here and there with a few bows. We are not saying more, just expect a surprise!