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Water green glitter Mary Janes

375 € 262.50 €

The Kina is Carel’s iconic Mary Janes shoe with a Parisian vintage and sparkling highlight.

Black or color, patent or matt leather, plain or pattern, classical or alternative materials, the Kina spreads out before your eyes a wide palette of choices to let you pick up your own style with the greatest freedom. And let’s not forget the 3 straps you can cross as you wish!

Its 4 cm heel and 100% made in Italy craftsmanship are the guarantee of its comfort and durability for city-dwellers all around the world. They make the Kina a safe choice and it can be found everywhere in any season, even in Louane’s, Alexa Chung’s, Sasha Spielberg’s closets… and in your kid’s as well as the KINA Kid version!

Material :

  • Glitter
  • Elastomer sole
  • Eco-leather Lining

Details :

  • Triple Strap
  • 4 cm Heel

Fabrication :

Made in Italy

Size advice

For thin feet, we advise you to take a half size less. If you are a 37 FR / EU, a 36.5 will suit you. For a wider foot, then a 37 will suit you as well.

For the maintenance of the Glitter, pass a blow of hairspray regularly on your shoe, it allows to re-fix the few glitters which would like to escape.

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Size chart

How to measure your size ?

Our tip:

When wearing a sock, place your foot against a wall on a sheet of paper long enough to keep your foot from sticking out.
Be sure to keep your heel firmly against the wall and your foot flat.
Make a small mark in front of your longest toe.
And finally measure the distance between the end of your sheet to the mark.
If the length is between two sizes, round up to the biggest one.

Foot lengths
Foot lengths
in CM
8,543 in 21.7 cm 34
8,661 in 22 cm 34.5
8,818 in 22.4 cm 35
8,937 in 22.7 cm 35.5
9,055 in 23 cm 36
9,212 in 23.4 cm 36.5
9,33 in 23.7 cm 37
9,448 in 24 cm 37.5
9,606 in 24.4 cm 38
9,724 in 24.7 cm 38.5
9,842 in 25 cm 39
10 in 25.4 cm 39.5
10,118 in 25.7 cm 40
10,236 in 26 cm 40.5
10,393 in 26.4 cm 41
10,511 in 26.7 cm 41.5
10,629 in 27 cm 42