The guest

Julien Martinez introduces his FW16 CAREL Collection

14 September 2016

How would you describe the Carel FW16 collection?

It’s a tribute to the Paris of the 1970’s. With this collection, we’re reviving the elegance and the festive and optimistic side of those years. A Paris that was as vibrant by night as it was by day.
We dug through the archives of Maison Carel and found an amazing trove of inspiration.


The square toe of our most iconic models like the Baby Kina or the Estime boot was the starting point of our footwear designs, which we modeled in a variety of heights. The flare heel is the hallmark of this collection. It combines a bold fashion statement with the comfort and stability that our clients are looking for.

Colors and materials:

For the day, our suede ankle boots come with masked elastic sides. We chose camel, the color of the ‘70s, in a range of tones, mixed with bordeaux and beige. Patent leather is matched with suede for contrast. Matte and gloss in monochrome, as on the OLA model.

OLA Model
Oherty Model 

ohertyOpatch Model


For evenings and nights out: Our models feature lamé leather in platinum, silver, violet, red and electric blue.



What were your inspirations?

The wind of freedom that swept Paris in the 70’s, and its music. Celebrities and the non-famous, the jet set, the rich and not so rich, they all mixed together. Jane Birkin and her look embodied the spirit of the times. Her silhouettes were ‘in-between’ London and Paris, pseudo-relaxed, with her flare denims – an essential piece in the 70’s.





Describe the woman you imagined for this collection?
The Carel woman is free, natural, creative and bold. She lives life to the fullest.

What’s the best outfit to wear with this collection?

By day, high waisted flare denims, a men’s white shirt and a suede jacket in a camel tone. I imagine a silhouette that is basic and timeless, comfortable, with borrowed elements from the male dress code. The shoe is what sets off the whole outfit to give it a very singular look.


For the evening, the silhouette is a little more sophisticated, with a men’s suit in neutral black paired with our eye-catching lamé leather shoes.


What’s your favorite model?

It’s a difficult choice to make. I’m leaning towards the Oslo moccasin, with its flared heel and masculine upper, which comes in silver specchio leather and black velvet, and the Oherty model in lamé leather, with its silver and electric blue colorway.

But my favorite pick in this collection has to be the Odessa boot with its comfortable, stretchy, suede internal bootie and ghillie inspired upper. We shaped it after the Estime boot, a Carel classic, to which we’ve added a slightly higher and flared heel to give it a more elevated and elegant look.






If this collection would be a place in Paris, which would it be?

More than a specific spot, I would liken this collection to rue du Faubourg-Montmartre, which is as much alive at night as it is by day. Its covered passages, with boutiques and markets, are so quintessentially Parisian. They also give access to a variety of entertainment halls, such as the legendary Le Palace, which had an era as a top celebrity nightclub between the 70’s and 80’s. Its reputation at the time was mythical.