Our designs

Since 1952, we have been committed to creating locally produced shoes of the highest quality possible. Carel shoes are recognized worldwide for their quality and the nobility of the leathers chosen.

All our shoes are made in Europe, mainly in Italy as well as in Spain and Portugal. Since 2020, some of our eco-friendly shoes are also made in France.

We choose each of our workshops for their speciality and savoir-faire and we maintain long-lasting partnerships with each of them. 

Find all the details on our page "OUR COMMITMENTS".

All of our shoes are handcrafted in our family workshops in Italy (85%), Spain (10%) and France (5%).

Each shoe is unique: for this reason, the size may slightly vary.

If you still have a doubt about your size, do not hesitate to contact us by email at bonjour@carel.fr, Whatsapp (+33 7 64 50 39 19) or via our Contact Form.

We can confirm you that we have been working with all of our suppliers for years now, that our quality level is excellent and that we are committed to selecting the finest fabrics for you.

Of course, this is the truth, but we believe that the best way for you to be convinced is to try on a pair of Carel Shoes.

All our shoes are taken care of before we propose them for sale. However, it is essential to take good care in order to keep them for life.

Discover our SHOE CARE GUIDE and find out our advices and maintenance products to take care of your shoes.

If you want to obtain the contact of a qualified cobbler, you can also contact our customer service at bonjour@carel.fr. Our team will give you the address of our Carel specialist cobbler located in Paris.

When there is a "Coming Soon" label on one of our articles, it means that it will soon be in stock.

You can subscribe to the stock alert by selecting the desired size. In this way, you will be notified by email as soon as the article is available.

Committed to more responsible collections, our designers have found several innovative and sustainable materials such as Piñatex (pineapple leather), Appleskin or Spazz (recycled plastics).

Each one of our creations is handcrafted in fair and responsible quantities. For this reason, you may sometimes struggle to find your fit.

If you have a crush on one of our pairs, we invite you to subscribe to our stock alerts. That way you'll be the first one to know before it's too late !

Moreover, we will always suggest you an alternative choice in our " You will also like " section